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John Cameron Mitchell, Justin Craig - New American Dream

from New American Dream by John Cameron Mitchell and Friends

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i dreamed in a meadow and when i woke
i lay on a pillow of poison oak
this is my dream

come november the weakest of us all will fall
and he will refuse to leave the oh so white house
he will be dragged from his golden bunker
and cast down before lincoln’s graven image
who shakes his head in disbelief
with a massive grinding grief

then mitch mcconnell i presume
will be forced to consume
the weak one’s living flesh
when he vomits as he must
it’s only just that in his mouth be thrust
the golden vomit of him  
thus the diseased body will pass through mitch’s gut
and resolve itself into a stew
a kind of vile fondue
this is my dream
that he will again be forced to eat
this is my dream
and again excrete
this is my dream
this is my american dream

that night under the cover of a blood red moon
pale white unvaccinated children in golden balaklavas
will pluck his gleaming hairs and shattered nails
from the hardening piles
and pass them from tiny hand
to tiny shit-stained hand
across this great and venal nation 
new communities decimated by turd immunities
will spring up like fungi
from the moist and unholy relics
like lowly psychedelics

for example
a single dyed pubic hair will inspire prayer
from a sleeper cell of senior-supremacist swingers
this is my dream
and his big toenail will blaze a trail
for an unintentional community of anti-vax gluten-free karens
this is my dream
this is my american dream

straight-acting high-yellow gay black uncut gun nuts
tell you what
will rally around a splinter of his arthritic trigger finger

a cathedral for pro-life half-price vol-cel asswipes shall rise over his shrivelled foreskin
then and only then shall the final vengeance begin

the mad ones shall tear each other limb from limb
and descend in their final rapture
to a heaven where they can safely destroy each other
for eternity
without disturbing those who remain
the strong the loving and the sane
who will establish a dream
oh the new american dream
this is my american dream
oh my american dream

dream dream, my american dream
dream on dream my dream machine
dream dream dream on with me

a dream of an equitable caring society
that speaks truth to powerlessness
and welcomes and honors all those
who honor their fellow humans
and their terrified home the earth
this is my dream

dream dream american dream well come on
you got me dreamin baby this aint no meme
dream dream…


from New American Dream, released September 4, 2020
Written and Performed by John Cameron Mitchell and Justin Craig ; background vocals by Amber Martin ; Orchestrated, mixed and produced by Justin Craig ; Mastered by Kevin Ratterman


all rights reserved



John Cameron Mitchell & Friends

John Cameron Mitchell is an American writer, director, performer, songwriter. He directed, starred in and wrote w/ Stephen Trask the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. His other films include Shortbus, Rabbit Hole, How To Talk To Girls At Parties.W/ Bryan Weller he created the acclaimed musical podcast series Anthem: Homunculus.He’s currently a cast member of Hulu’s Shrill and CBS’s The Good Fight ... more

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